Fishery rules

Fishery Rules

We want you to have a fantastic holiday here at Carpscape, so common sense and a few rules will ensure everyone is happy.

  • No admission before 12 noon on Saturday, and departure can be no later than 10am the following Saturday.
  • The draw for swims will take place no later than 1pm, anyone arriving after this time will be excluded from group swim selection.
  • Maximum of 3 rods per angler and they must be attended at all times. Leaving rods un-attended will result in instant banning from the fishery.

  • We are a Boilie & Pellet only water, No other baits are permitted. No shelf life/preserved boilies are allowed.  All Boilies must be Fresh or Frozen, large chest Freezers are provided for storage. This rule is for the benefit of both the fish and the angler. Fish fed with high quality and highly digestible food will be more Healthy, Active, Hard fighting and will grow bigger year on year. Our own site made HNV Baits are available along with our feeding pellets. It is our recommendation that these are used for your best chance of a successful weeks fishing.
  • Large unhooking cradles and weigh slings are provided by us, and must be used at all times.
  • Rig Safety is paramount at Carpscape. Static lead helicopter Systems are mandatory. Due to the very soft nature of the lake bed it is recommended that 2oz (56g) flat pear leads are used. no leads greater than 3oz (85g) are permitted. For your convenience, tested and approved Helicopter systems are available on site, they are supplied with soft supple Braided leaders and 2oz flat pear leads. Priced at just €5 per complete system. If using your own systems, they must perform correctly, meaning that the top bead is easily released in the event of a break off.
  • Supple braided lead free leaders Only.
  • Back leads are not advised as the lake bed contains Swan Muscles, The use of back leads and tight lines significantly increases the chance for line cut off’s. We recommend that you do not use them at all unless conditions determine otherwise, the most successful method for line control is slack lines.
  • Due to too many poor quality Fluro Carbon main lines, anybody wishing to use it will have their knot strength tested by the management. Any line that appears to be weak at the knot will not be permitted, for peace of mind we recommend you test your knot strength before your trip or install Mono to your reels.
  • No braided main line.
  • Minimum 15lb/6.8kg breaking strain mainline.
  • No hooks smaller than size 6 are to be used, Long shank hooks are Never to be used.
  • All anglers must have in their possession Carp Care medical treatment.
  • No sacking of fish, unless the fish in question is damaged and you believe it should be seen by the management, in this event the fish may only be held in the flotation sling provided,while you call us. The fish may also be held in the flotation slings provided for a maximum of 10 minuets for the purpose of organising yourself to take pictures safely.
  • Bait boats are permitted but they must be used responsibly, anybody found fishing outside the confines of their swim without prior agreement by the management will lose the right to use their boat for the remainder of the holiday.
  • No litter at the swims, especially cigarette butts and bottle tops, please use bins provided.
  • Please leave lodge how you found it, clean and tidy.
  • Landing nets must be cleaned in the disinfection troths provided prior to there use. This also applies to any personal equipment that you intend to make contact with the lake or fish.
  • We reserve the right to Rig and tackle checks, this can and will happen at any given time throughout your visit. This is not personal, fish safety is our priority.

Please note breaking the rules may result in you and your group being asked to leave.

If you are un-clear of the rules listed please ask and the management  who will clarify the thing’s you need to know.