The Main Lake

Set in a picturesque 50-acre country estate, CS1 is a 15-acre spring-fed lake, that offers superb specimen carp fishing in secluded surroundings. Being a gravel pit, the depth and contour features are varied. Depths range between 3ft and 8ft and the lake bed is a mixture of hard clay, gravel and silt.

There are numerous underwater features that include an old creek bed. Margin growth is excellent. Bulrushes, reed beds and overhanging bushes are all present.

We have 10 purpose built posts that have been placed strategically around the perimeter of the lake with a maximum of eight anglers, (or 9 on exclusive bookings) Swims 5, 6 and 7 can be used as double swims, and for the more sociable angler swim 10 can hold up to a max of three anglers. So there is always room to move should you wish to and every guest is guaranteed his share of water.

There is full access around the lake, with a quad and trailer service to bring all your equipment around to your chosen swim.

With approximately 400 carp carp to go at, Carpscape offers one of the best weight to stock  ratios available. With ongoing feeding, stocking and management programs we aim to keep delivering the best France has to offer to todays demanding Carp anglers.

CS1 at a glance

  • Lake size: 15 acres
  • Average Depth: 6ft
  • Max Anglers: 8/9
  • Swims: 10
  • Carp Stock Average: 40lbs
  • Largest carp to date: 64lbs